Our Services and Capabilities

We are a full-service provider of custom metal solutions. Natural raw steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper and Bronze: all mediums we use to fabricate solutions for you. And we integrate other materials for the perfect look: woods, carbon fibers, glass… there are no limits.

Our Process:

1) DESIGN: Our in-house design team works with you to design what you envision. Using our 3D software, we’ll help you “see” what it looks like before we proceed. No surprises!

2) FABRICATION: Once approved, files are sent directly to fabrication where our experienced craftsmen use state-of-the-art tools to put it together and finish it to your preference. See below for the tools we have available to meet the demands of your project.

3) INSTALLATION: We’ll either have the product delivered to your site or we’ll send our expert installation team to ensure that the finished product meets your (and our) expectations for high-end quality.

Robotic welding - 8-axis coordinated-motion welding robot

Our 8 axis coordinated-motion welding robot is used by our team on custom work.  We write the programming for you, based on your specifications, and the robot does the rest. Whether you have the design already, or need some consultation, this machine is precision welding at its best.

Precision cutting - Mach 500 5-axis water jet

Our Mach 500 5-axis water jet gives us fast, precision cutting. The software allows for efficient nesting which minimizes waste. If your project requires high quantities of precise, detailed parts we’ve got you covered.

Custom fabrication: State-of-the-art Tools

Tools such as our Lincoln welding equipment, Mach 500 5-axis water jet, and 8-axis coordinated-motion welding robot, guarantee efficient fabrication processes in our state of the art facility. Our experienced  craftsmen are perfectionists with pride in their work. We will take the time to get the finish that meets our quality standards.

Rapid prototyping - SolidWorks design software

With custom work as our specialty, the iterative process of design has to be fast and efficient. We’ve invested in Solid Works design software and a certified design team. You can describe your vision on the phone and we can send you a drawing in minutes (depending on complexity). We have 4 full-time designers on staff, and our response time is unequaled.